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My very first post…

Chinese DumplingsHaving shied away from having my own blog for the past year, I was finally inspired to start it after this weekend’s events… Who would have thought that making Chinese dumplings would be the catalyst? I have been a keen cook for years. This keeness has fluctuated depending on what has been happening in my day to day life but in recent months, I have had a guinea pig (sorry John!) willing to sample all my recipes. He’s not complained so far and long may that continue…

So back to those dumplings, the filling consisted of raw king prawns, Chinese wood ear mushrooms, ginger, spring onion and a dash of mirin and soy sauce. John and I carefully wrapped them in the gyoza wrappers he’d picked up at the Chinese supermarket and off we went… Served in a broth with spinach and spring onions, I am delighted to say that they were delicious. I was worried they might fall apart but they were a real success and have made it onto my ‘Make That Again’ list.

Another first attempt at something new this weekend was a dark chocolate tart. We struggled with the pastry. I’d run out of plain white flour so chanced it with some wholemeal flour. It was tricky to lay out but John was patient where I was ready to throw in the towel… we baked the pastry for 20 mins and then added this gooey dark chocolate filling made of 70% cocoa chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar… back in the oven for 20 mins et voilà… death by chocolate. I plan to bring the remainder of this decadent tart into work… it might earn me a few brownie points and some favours.

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