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Planning weekend food…

It’s Wednesday and by this time of the week I am plotting the weekend’s culinary challenges…

I come from a family who has always loved cooking. We mainly made meals from scratch with fresh produce and to this day, this is still how I like to cook. My mother and father are at polar opposites of the cooking spectrum. This, amusingly, lead to quite a few ‘disagreements’ when they were still together. My mother likes complicated dishes peppered with obscure ingredients which take several hours to prepare. My father is at the other extreme, with quick but tasty and healthy meals – some might say slapdash at times! Both were equally delicious and appreciated.

I firmly sit in the middle – I like fresh, healthy and simple food because working full time does not allow me much time to make complicated dishes midweek. I also like to ‘feed’ people ‘real’ food – I am loathe to use the word ‘honest’ here or I would be in danger of sounding like an ‘on-trend’ food snob. It’s the mothering instinct – to me good food makes people happy and if I can make people happy, even for a brief while, then great!

Back to this weekend’s offerings, I have been toying with the idea of making pizza. I have a dough recipe (thank you Jamie Oliver) and need to acquire a pizza stone. Toppings will most definitely be of the seafood variety – my favourite.

I might also attempt to make Sticky Toffee pudding. When I arrived in the UK 14 years ago, it was the first dessert I tried. Switzerland didn’t have anything remotely similar so I was in calorie heaven!! I think it might be quite involved but I do like a challenge…

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