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Active Body, Active Mind

High Peak Trail

I come back from an active weekend feeling rather refreshed. I was up in Derby visiting John:  on Saturday, we went to Carsington Water reservoir in the Peak District and took a leisurely 8-mile stroll. Although it was windy, it was so nice to be outside and was just what I needed after a week of late nights.

On Sunday, we got on our bikes and cycled 25 miles round the High Peak trail – and what fun it was! Cycling as hard and as fast as I could, wind in my hair, gorgeous sunshine and beautiful views across the countryside. Sunburn is not my friend though and I am still suffering today…

The Peak District is stunning and should be explored if you get the chance.

Yesterday, I finally did my indoor skydiving – a present from John. Airkix is based in Milton Keynes and is basically a wind tunnel. The tunnel circulates air into a 12 foot flight chamber. To enter the tunnel I simply stood in the open doorway and leant forward. I felt my legs lifted from under me as I assumed a horizontal flying position. The instructor helped me through the motions by giving me tips on how to position my body to fly high or low. It was great fun and I’d thoroughly recommend it. Skydiving could be next…

So it’s a new week and I am raring to go: exercise is featuring heavily on the agenda with spinning, running and yoga planned throughout. Healthy eating is also a must: lots of vegetables and fresh fish, washed down with plenty of water… Healthy body, healthy mind…

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