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The Young Vic: a theatre after my own heart

Young Vic


Introduced to me by my friend Anna, the Young Vic Theatre is a must for entertainment in London. Its plays are varied, ranging from classics to new and experimental theatre. Never have I been disappointed by any of the performances I have attended: they have all been somewhat unusual but always inspired, leaving me wanting to come back time and time again.


The close proximity of the stage and the intimate seating arrangements ensure that you can immerse yourself completely into the story being played out. Cheap tickets (£22.50 full price, £15 on preview nights) and unreservable seats make it an unpretentious evening out and one where you are made to feel part of a community.


The Young Vic, which is positioned on The Cut near Waterloo station in London, is an ideal place to meet friends after work as it houses The Cut Bar, an ebullient bar and restaurant serving simple & modern food (their burgers are good) and some pretty potent cocktails. The downstairs area is rustic with leather sofas and tables alongside a restaurant area. Upstairs, there is a stylish gallery with big windows to watch the world below go by whilst sipping a Strawberry & Basil Martini.


I cannot praise the Young Vic theatre enough and have encouraged many friends and acquaintances to experience its unusual blend of theatre and relaxed atmosphere, all for a very reasonable price.

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