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New Year, New Improved You.

I am looking forward to 2009 despite the gloomy prospects we are all facing.

Hard times push people to become less complacent, to be more creative in all areas of their lives, and to be hungrier for success. Survival instinct? Most definitely. Having a purpose in life is one of the basic elements of survival when times are hard. It would be so easy to stand back and let the recession get you down. Recession or not, you only have one life and you’d better make it a good one.

This year I have decided to have some goals – I am very good at drifting but something in me has changed and I want to grab whatever life has to offer. Writing down your short and long term goals 4 times a year helps you focus. Two personal, two business and two health goals. It really pays to look at each of those goals and to ask yourself what you really want, examine what achieving that goal will give you, really think about your life’s purpose and how it fits in with your plans, set timelines, think of possible obstacles and how to overcome them, think of your resources (skills, contacts etc…) and more importantly take action… Make it happen.

It can be a grueling process but the more you work at it, the more likely you are to achieve what you want out of life. No one ever got what they wanted by being bone idle!

Here are, thrown in at random, some of my goals for 2009:

  • Complete a sprint triathlon
  • Make three items of clothing
  • Take a creative writing course
  • Touch my toes

I shall be back soon with some more recipes – I am visualising some carb loading feasts if I am training 6 times a week – and some of my dressmaking successes.


May 2009 bring you whatever you wish for.


Lotus Rebirth